The Crop Protein and Cellulose Program

Leveraging Funding: Want to extend the capability of your R&D investment dollars? (CP)2 has the capability to leverage industry cash and in-kind investments 3 to 5 times through various provincial and federal funding opportunities for R&D, training highly qualified personnel or innovation/technology development. The program can effectively leverage both cash and in-kind contributions from industry partners and collaborators. 


Networking: (CP)2’s growing business network is composed of 700+ industry (small to multinational companies), research/processing facilities, government, producer associations, and funding organizations. Network connections extend from raw material producers to finished product manufacturers in the agriculture, food/beverage, nutrition, nutraceutical and personal care industries. With our growing network we can connect you with the expertise or services you need. (CP)2 also provides assistance with product/market development, product/portfolio marketing, by- product/waste stream utilization and strategic networking. ​


Analytical and Sensory Testing: With its well equipped laboratory and strong analytical expertise (CP)2 offers a unique set of analytical, technical, sensory and problem solving services. Analytical services encompass: protein content measurement, amino acid analysis, molecular weight determination, and protein confirmation (secondary/tertiary) characterization sequencing for peptides, among many others. The program’s technical and problem solving services are focused towards fractionation, processing and extraction of plant ingredients, primarily proteins, and the development of innovative value added ingredients for food, beverage, nutraceutical and personal care applications. 


Value Added Ingredient, Product and Processing Development: Looking for an innovative ingredient that will improve your products or enable you to develop new ones? Want to develop a new product or process? Need assistance refine or solving a problem with your current process? Looking for innovation? We can provide a solution to all of these questions. Our program is uniquely positioned and well equiped to assist with all of these areas.


Services and Expertise - Under Construction

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