The Crop Protein and Cellulose Program

Darren Walkey

Business Director: Responsible for business development, marketing, communications, and networking.

Dr. Alex Wong

Research Associate: Expertise in proteins, delivery systems, and electrospun and non-woven fibres.

Zhigang Tian

Technician: Expertise in fractionation, lab management, etc.

Dr. Lingyun Chen

Principal Investigator and the program's Science Director.

“(CP)2’s primary objective is to create innovative value added technologies from Alberta crop and forestry resources that will benefit Canadian producers” - Darren Walkey ((CP)2 Business Director


The (CP)2 program is an academic research program based at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, AB, that is led by Dr. Lingyun Chen. The program was started in 2008 with the initial objective of developing value added technologies and innovations out of Alberta cereal crop proteins. Under Dr. Chen’s leadership and direction the program focused on the utilization to two key Alberta produced materials, barley protein and wood pulp cellulose.  By 2010 the program had generated four innovative platform technologies which were IP protected and was in the process of developing an additional three platforms. The program also extended its marketing capabilities and its connection to industry partners and clients by hiring Mr. Darren Walkey as the program’s Business Director.Since 2010 the program has been striving to attract industry industry and partnerships while at the same time striking a balance between basic and applied research. strike a balance between basic and applied research

Our Objectives


To create competitive advantages for western Canadian crops and forest resources in value-added product development.



1. Components from Alberta crops and forest resources will be profitable and competitive in world markets that are dominated by soy, whey, corn, alginates and synthetics


2. We will develop natural and sustainable alternatives to replace synthetic ingredients



1. Expand the current understanding and the utilization of cereal proteins and cellulose in industrial and food applications


2. Connect the technologies and innovations that are developed through the program with industry partners


3. To develop direct connections with industry partners for the purpose of developing new projectsPhasellus accumsan dapibus nunc vel vestibulum.



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