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Crop Fractionation: The extraction and processing for cereals, pulses, ancient grains and other plants.

Encapsulations: Encapsulations can be created at either the micro or nano level.  They have strong taste, odor and color masking capabilities.  Suitable for use as a controlled release system for lipid-soluble bioactives, nutraceuticals, supplements, etc.

Anti-oxidant Peptides: These natural and sustainable peptides have strong antioxidant capacity through free radical scavenging and metal chelating mechanism. They are compariable in metal chelating capacity to EDTA.

Other innovations: From edible films to gels to phenolic compounds to non-woven and electrospun fibres to protein blends the program has the expertise to develop a wide varity of unique technologies to meet your specfic needs.

Our Services and Expertise

Analytical and sensory analysis: Need scientific or sensory data for an ingredient or product? We can assist with compiling that necessary data.

Looking for an innovative ingredients, wanting to develop a new product or process or do you need help with solving a processing/development problem? We have the expertise to assist with all of these areas.

Want to make your R&D investments go further? Through a collaborative project approach we can leverage further value out of your investments.

Our Innovations

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